• 09.22.14

    Cunningham, “Don’t Develop Tree Top Drive”

    Mark Cunningham, Democratic Candidate for Springfield Township Committee shared his thoughts about the proposed development on Tree Top Drive. In speaking about the proposal, Mark said, “I do not believe the plan is a good one, either for the neighborhood in question, or for Springfield as a whole. The land is for so many reasons totally inappropriate for development of any kind and should remain as open space. Among the many reasons, I don’t believe that the houses abutting the property should have a new road thrust against their backyards. On a more global front, the last thing Springfield needs is to build on property adjoining wet lands that run into the Rahway River. We cannot allow development that could further increase the risk of flooding in Springfield neighborhoods and communities down river from us.”

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  • 03.12.14

    Downtown Plan Presented

    After years of little to no progress on rehabilitating Springfield’s downtown business district, the township made significant and meaningful progress yesterday. Last night’s town hall meeting presented the first look at what a redeveloped Morris Avenue corridor could look like in the future. Deputy Mayor David Barnett hosted the presentation of the Together North Jersey steering committee. The very well attended meeting showed the results of the $90,000 grant the township won last year to develop a plan for this area.

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The Springfield (Union County) New Jersey Democratic Party, encourages and supports talented, qualified and concerned citizens as candidates for the Springfield Township Committee and to serve on numerous volunteer boards and committees. Working together, we strive to continue to improve Springfield as a great place to live, work and play.